Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Types of Homeopathic Practice

Various prescribing habits have developed in different countries or at different times. A clear conceptual division has emerged between two main schools of practice, classical and complex. Classical homeopaths generally treat with a single remedy that exactly matches the patient’s inherent constitutional type and symptom picture. There are occasions, however, particularly in the case of acute illness or injury, where the physical symptoms far outweigh the emotional and other symptoms. In cases such as these a more pragmatic approach may be taken, using combinations of remedies in low potencies. Thus, for instance, five or six remedies known to be helpful for influenza might be combined in a single tablet. This is the complex approach, based on the theories of the British homeopath Dr. Richard Hughes, and also known sometimes as combination homeopathy or polypharmacy. In some situations, generally of an acute nature, it may be adopted by classical homeopaths, but in certain countries it is actually the standard method of prescribing. In 1948 it was officially sanctioned by the American Institute of Homeopathy, and in many European countries, such as France and Germany, polypharmacy is more common than classical homeopathy.
Further variations on the homeopathic principle include isopathy, in which a potentized microdilution of the substance causing the disorder is actually used to treat the symptoms: for example, Apis (which is made from the sting of bee) might be given to someone to treat a bee sting. A classical homeopath will generally only expect a 20 to 30 percent success rate using this method, since it does not take into account the unique constitution of each patient. A refinement of this concept is tautopathy, in which the exact substance triggering the symptoms is used to make a remedy for treating those symptoms. In theory this means that the remedy for a bee sting would be prepared from the actual bee that had inflicted the sting. In practice the concept is most commonly used for allergic reactions, such as treating a child with a remedy made from a vaccination to which the child has reacted.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Result of Ayush 2009

Today Vyapam declared the result of Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy Govt. Madhya Pradesh Ayush Final Result 2009.

Click hare to find your result.

Best wishes for all participant.
Dr. Surendra Singh
Fit Vital Services (P) Ltd.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ayush Doctors Result

After very long time VYAPAM may publish the result for Directorate of Indian System of Homeopathy Medicines Department (Recruitment of Ayush Doctors) - 2009 as soon as possibly.
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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Interview start for NRHM, Department of Ayush MP

This is a good news for all those participant of MP AYUSH  who did not appear in first round interview. Now Vyapm conduct the interview for remain doctors on 14th Dec 2010.
There is the time table for interview:
Click Here.
Another good news for all Jobless Doctors, Chief Minister of MP now announce the some of new recruitment for Doctor's, some of 400 vacancies arrive after these interview.
Do not worry if you are not selected in first phase because some new offers are waiting for you...

Best of luck..
Dr. Surendra Singh
Fit Vital Services (P) Ltd.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Swine Flu and its prevention

Swine Flu:
We previously wrote on swine flu, its a droplet infection and spread person to person, its carrier are pigs.
Prevention of swine flu just like other viral infections.If you feel your surrounding people suffers from viral infection keep distance with us, covers your mouth with mask.

Some Common Precautions for prevent Swine Flu: 
1. Avoid Crowd place. If you doing jobs in crowds covers your mouth with mask or cloth.
2. Daily bathing and cleaning your body.
3. Washing hand before taking food or taking baby, and its repeat lots of time in a day.
4. Avoid Junk Food.
5. If you are suffers from general viral infection or cough,cold contact with your doctor without delay.
6. Take preventive medicine for viral infections.

Homeopathic Point of View on Swine Flu and viral infection:
Homeopathy are most effected medicine system in our community. we found lots of cure available in Homeopathy.
Swine Flu is a viral infection shown most similar symptom of other viral infection. 

Some Preventive Drugs for Swine Flu:
1.Arsenic Album
4.Tuberculinum Bovinum
5.Ferrum Phos
6.Eupatorium Perfoliatum.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

M.P. Ayush Doctor recruitment news.

Today lots of query generated for M.P. Ayush Doctor recruitment. But govt/ Vypam do not enclose the any report or notice about Interview or recruitment,

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Friday, March 05, 2010

FIT Vital Services Pvt. Ltd.

Hello Friends on Sunday we launch a Company. This Company work on Health care and some other services.
Fit vital is a Dynamic, Vitality driven organization offering Healthy & Competitive environment for the betterment of the Society. The Company has been formed by the group of young medical and technical professionals with a mission to provide quality medical and other world class facilities to all the sections of the society.

Fit vital strives for the best spirit of Health Care & Welfare and saving life of the people who can’t afford costly treatments.

We Start this Company for:
* To redefine and raise the standards of services, personal morals, etiquette, healthy environment and ethics.
* To achieve Disease-free environment, and to give proper medical knowledge & awareness through various health programs.
* To Continuously upgrade ourselves according to the needs & requirements of our associates
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We Provide some unique services & Facilities that is listed below:
* Health Care
* Online Treatment
* Career Guidance
* Job Placements for all Professional courses
* Legal Advisory
* Online Computer Support
* Online, Telephonic & Direct Hardware & Software sales and Troubleshooting support
* Software Development & Maintenance Support
* Clinic Management

Some other facilities:
1. Accidental Insurance worth Rs. 1 Lakh for one year
2. Pension Plan
3. Business Opportunity (As Independent Promoter of our Company)

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