Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Swine Flu and its prevention

Swine Flu:
We previously wrote on swine flu, its a droplet infection and spread person to person, its carrier are pigs.
Prevention of swine flu just like other viral infections.If you feel your surrounding people suffers from viral infection keep distance with us, covers your mouth with mask.

Some Common Precautions for prevent Swine Flu: 
1. Avoid Crowd place. If you doing jobs in crowds covers your mouth with mask or cloth.
2. Daily bathing and cleaning your body.
3. Washing hand before taking food or taking baby, and its repeat lots of time in a day.
4. Avoid Junk Food.
5. If you are suffers from general viral infection or cough,cold contact with your doctor without delay.
6. Take preventive medicine for viral infections.

Homeopathic Point of View on Swine Flu and viral infection:
Homeopathy are most effected medicine system in our community. we found lots of cure available in Homeopathy.
Swine Flu is a viral infection shown most similar symptom of other viral infection. 

Some Preventive Drugs for Swine Flu:
1.Arsenic Album
4.Tuberculinum Bovinum
5.Ferrum Phos
6.Eupatorium Perfoliatum.

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  1. Mr. Surendra..really appreciate your efforts in putting down your knowledge on to blog.u have mentioned the medicines also..thats really helps while taking consultation from some homeopathy doctor