Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Psoriasis and It's Homeopathic Treatment

This fairly common skin disease consists of inflamed areas that are often covered by silvery scales. A chronic condition that flares up at intervals, psoriasis can cover a large area, including the face, and can be very disfiguring. It affects
about two percent of the population in Europe and North America, but is less common in other regions.
These are red, scaly (silvery white) patches which can appear anywhere on the skin. It is uncommon before age of 10 and common between 15-30 years
*This images from a 7 year old child, and she is surfers from psoriasis since 3 year.


There may be a genetic tendency. The basic problem with psoriasis is that new skin cells form more quickly than usual, causing accumulations of living cells. These create thickened patches of skin covered with dead, flaking cells. The condition varies in severity, and may be triggered by infection, particularly that caused by the streptococcal bacteria, or
by drugs such as chloroquine used in the treatment of rheumatic pain and malaria. Stress or injury may also trigger psoriasis.

Precipitating factors are:
Psychological emotional stress
Cold weather
Septic focus
Drugs like Steroids, Brufen, Lithium, Antimalarials and Beta-
adrenergic blockers.

• Unsightly patches of flaky skin that
can occur anywhere on the body, possibly with itching.
• Patches are slightly raised and deep pink, often overlain with silvery scales.
• Possible pitting of the nails.
• Possible inflammation of the joints.

Homeopathic Remedy for Psoriasis:
A full medical history is obtained and, if there is doubt about the diagnosis, skin scrapings are taken. In treating psoriasis, great emphasis is placed on an individual’s psychological makeup, particularly factors that might have triggered the condition, such as stress or emotional upset. Environmental factors and food preferences are also significant.

Some remedies in particular are associated with the treatment of psoriasis:
*Arsen. alb. is indicated for dry, rough, and scaly skin.
*Lycopodium is effective for dry skin and raw areas in the flexures.
*Sepia is prescribed for the thick crusts that form on the elbows.
*Staphysagria is used to treat skin conditions that are affected by irritability of the nervous system.

Note- Do not self medication.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Quit Smoking?

Smoking is the biggest single cause of cancer in the world.
This leaflet explains the dangers of smoking and offers many good reasons to quit whatever you rage. It also shows where you can find help to stub out the habit once and for all. Long time smokers are at high risk of developing lung cancer and other cancers. This leaflet outlines the signs and symptoms to look out for.

Smoking causes cancer, heart disease and stroke.It also causes chronic lung diseases such as bronchitis (infection of the lungs) and emphysema (lasting damage to the lungs). Half of all regular smokers will die from their habit – half of these in middle age. The more you smoke and the longer you smoke, the greater your risk of disease.

Harms of smoking
There are about 4000 different chemicals in tobacco smoke and many of these are toxic, cause cancer or damage cells. The three main ingredients found in smoking they are.

nicotine – a fast-acting, addictive drug that makes smokers crave cigarettes

carbon monoxide
– a poisonous gas that quickly enters the blood stream, lowering the oxygen supply and causing breathing problems

– a sticky black residue made up of thousands of chemicals. It stays in the smoker’s lungs and causes cancer.

Other effects of Smoking
Women who smoke while pregnant greatly risk harming their unborn babies as well as themselves. Smoking in pregnancy is a major cause of premature birth and low birth weight.
Smoking can also cause impotence (problems with getting and keeping an erection), infertility (in men and women), premature aging of the skin (wrinkles), smelly breath and stained teeth.

To prepare for your quit day, use one or more of these tips:
1. Make a list of all reasons you want to quit. Keep them handy in your wallet or on the fridge. Look at them at least every day.
2. Bet a friend you can quit on your target day.
3. Make a list of what you liked and didn't like about smoking- keep adding to it every day.
4. Ask a buddy to quit with you.
5. Smoke only half a cigarette.
6. Buy cigarettes by the pack and wait until one is empty before buying another one.
7. Change when and where you smoke. If you like to smoke with others, smoke alone.
8. Drink juice instead of smoking a cigarette for a pick-me-up.
9. Don't empty your ashtrays. hey will remind you of how many cigarette you smoke and how bad stale butts smell.
10.Keep a daily diary or blog making of the cigarettes you smoke and the number of times you didn't give into the urge until your quit day.
11. Imagine what you could be doing other than smoking at any given time.

Helpful Hints
Try these hints from smokers who quit to help you cope with any urges you might have.Choose the right once for you.

1. On your day put all your cigarettes, matches, lighters and ashtrays in the garbage.
2. Spend your time in places where smoking is not allowed: libraries, malls, at the movies,the gym.
3. After meals brush your teeth instead of smoking.
4. Plan how you will handle situations that bring on pleasurable feelings of smoking such as the after dinner coffee.
5. Socialize with your non-smoking friends at parties, coffee break and lunch.
6. Use your hands. try crossword puzzles, needlework, gardening, household chores, writing letters or computer games.
7. Get more exercise. Walk the dog, ride a bike, play tennis or other outdoor games.
8. Get lots of rest.
9. Keep healthy food on-hand: carrots, pickles, sunflower seed, apples and oranges.
10.Light incense or a candle instead of a cigarette.
11.Add up the money you are saving by not smoking. uy yourself something special.
12.Don't believe that one won't hurt. It will.
13.See your doctor if you're having problem.
14. Always keep in mind what you like about being a non-smoker.

Homeopathy in Tobacco Smoking:
Homeopathy is very helpful for quit Cigarette or Tobacco Smoking. So many Homeopathic Medicine for quit smoking. Some important homeopathic medicine are follow which may help for quit smoking.

1. Nux Vomica
2. Caladium
3. Lobelia Inflata
4. Tabacum
5. Augenia Jambos
6. Natrium Carb.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Important days

1. January 10: World Laughter Day
2. February 23: World Peace and Understanding Day
3. March 8: International Women’s Day
4. March 8: International Literacy Day
5. March 22: World Water Day
6. March 24: World Tuberculosis Day
7. April 7: World Health Day
7. World Homeopathic Day
8. April 22: Earth Day
9. April 23: World Book and Copyright Day
10. May 1: International Labour Day
11. May 3: World Asthma Day
12. May 8: World Red Cross Day
13. May 9: World Thalassaemia Day
14. 2nd Sunday of May: Mother’s Day
15. May 15: International Day of the Family
16. May 31: World Anti Tobacco Day
17. June 4: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
18. June 5: World Environment Day
19. June 26: International day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
20. June 27: World Diabetes Day
20. July 1: Doctor's Day
21. July 11: World Population Day
22. August 3: International Friendship Day
23. August 6: Hiroshima Day
24. August 6: Anti Nuclear Day
25. September 8: World Literacy Day
26. September 16: World Ozone Day
27. September 22: World Rose Day – Welfare of Cancer Patients
28. October 1: International Day for Senior Citizen
29. October 2: World Animal Day
30. October 4: World Animal Welfare Day
31. October 13: International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
32. October 15: World White Cane Day – Guiding the Blind
33. October 16: World Food Day
34. October 17: International Day for Eradication of Poverty
35. October 24: United Nations Day
36. October 30: World Thirst Day
37. November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestine people
38. December 1: World Aids Day
39. December 3: International Day for Mentally and Physically Challenged
40. December 10: International Human Rights Day
41. December 29: International Day for Biological Diversity

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diabetes during Pregnancy or Gestatonal Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as any degree of glucose intolerance which begins or is first recognized during pregnancy. The definition applies whether insulin or only diet modification is used for treatment and whether or not the condition persists after pregnancy. It does not exclude the possibility that unrecognized glucose intolerance may have antedated or begun concomitantly with the pregnancy.

The importance of proper diagnosis can be appreciated as gestational diabetes mellitus is known to cause increased foetal loss (Two to three times’ greater risk than general population) and congenital malformation like foetal macrosomy.
Further, female with GDM are at increase risk for the development of diabetes after pregnancy.
Offspring’s of female with GMD are at increase risk of obesity and diabetes.
The diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus is based on 100 gm glucose tolerance test. A larger than usual glucose load (75 g) is advocated as there is an increase turnover of glucose in pregnant state. Hundred grams of glucose is dissolved in 300-400 ml of water and consumed over 5 minutes.
The first criteria for diagnosis gestational diabetes mellitus were given by O’Sullivan and were based on whole blood glucose levels. However, as the levels of glucose may very in whole blood due to uptake by red blood cells, Carpenter and Coustan have given new value based on plasma glucose levels.

Criteria for diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus:
(Two or more of these values must be abnormal)

Oral hypoglycemic drugs are contraindicating in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. These pregnant diabetics should be managed meticulously insulin.

Some Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes during Pregnancy:
1. Alloxanum
2. Murex Perpurea
3. Podophyllum
4. Zincum Metallicum.

Note: Do not self medication.
Content only informational purpose.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Homeopathic Materia Medica

Thousands of Homeopathic Materia Medica Available today. And this Materia Medica based on many concept and source as Mind, Constitution, Plants, Animals, Minerals, Nosode, Sarcode, etc. It Materia Medica helps us confirmation of Remedy. Some of Important Materia Medica blow is shown. Let's hope the name you will help for search right Materia Medica.

Importent Materia Medica:
1. ALLEN H. C., Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons
2. ALLEN H. C., The Materia Medica of Some Important Nosodes
3. ALLEN T. F., Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica
4. ALLEN T. F., Hand Book of Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Therapeutics
5. ALLEN T. F., A Primer of Materia Medica
6. ANSHUTZ E. P., New Old and Forgotten Remedies
7. ANSHUTZ E. P., Sexual Ills and Diseases
8. BAILEY Philip M., Homeopathic Psychology
9. BANERJEA S. K., Fifty homeopathic Indian Drugs
10. BANERJEA S. K., Materia Medica Made Easy
11. BANERJEA S. K., Materia Medica of a Few Rare Remedies
12. BANERJEE P., Materia Medica of Indian Drugs
13. BEDAYN G., Corvus Corax
14. BLACKIE M., A Comparison of Arsenicum, Nitric Acid, Hepar Sulph., and Nux Vomica
15. BLACKWOOD A. L., A Manual of Materia Medica Therapeutics and Pharmacology
16. BOERICKE W., Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica
17. BOGER C. M., A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
18. BOND A.,The Homoeopathic Proving of Tungsten
19. BORLAND D. M., Children's types
20. BUCK H., The Outlines of Materia Medica
21. BURNETT J. C., Gold as a Remedy In Diseases
22. BURNETT J. C., Natrum muriaticum
23. BURT W. H., Characteristic Materia Medica
24. BURT W. H., Physiological Materia Medica
25. CANDEGABE E. F., Comparative Materia Medica
26. CASTRO M., Borax
27. Central Council for research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi : A proving of Cassia Sophera
28. CHATTERJEE T. P., My Random Notes on Some Homoeo-Remedies
29. CHATTERJI A. N., Three in One
30. CHAUHAN R. K., Expressive Drug Pictures of Materia Medica
31. CHAUHAN R. K., Expressive Drug Pictures of Materia Medica
32. CHOUDHURI N. M., A study on Materia Medica
33. CLARKE A. G., Decachords
34. CLARKE J. H., Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica
35. CLARKE J. H., Grand Characteristics of the Materia Medica
36. CLARKE J. H., Gunpowder as a War Remedy
37. CLARKE J. H., Radium as an Internal Remedy
38. CLARKE J. H., Therapeutics of the Serpent Poisons
39. CLEVELAND C. L., Salient Materia Medica and Therapeutics
40. COWPERTHWAITE A. C., Text book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics
41. DEGROOTE F., Physical Examination and Observation in Homeopathy
42. DEWEY W. A., Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica (d
43. DIGBY B., Lac Caninum
44. DOUGLASS M. E., Pearls in Homoeopathy
45. DUNHAM C., Lectures on Materia Medica
46. EISING N., Provings of Ignis alcoholis and Succinum
47. ENGLISH M., Tempestas - Storm - A Remedy Proving
48. FARRINGTON E. A., Clinical Materia Medica
49. FARRINGTON E. A., Comparative Materia Medica (with therapeutic hints)
50. FAYAZUDDIN M., Hypericum - A study
51. FAYAZUDDIN M., Surgeon’s Friends in Homoeopathy. Arnica Montana
52. FAYAZUDDIN M., Surgeon’s Friends in Homoeopathy. Succus Calendula
53. FOUBISTER D. M., The carcinosin Drug Picture
54. GALLAVARDIN J. P., Repertory of the Psychic Medicines, with Materia Medica
55. GASKIN A., Comparative Study on Kent's Materia Medica
56. GIBSON D. M., Studies of Homoeopathic Remedies
57. GRANDGEORGE D., The Spirit of Homropathic Medicines
58. GRAY B. and SHORE J., Seminar Burgh Haamstede April
59. RIMES M., Tiger Shark : A Homeopathic Proving of Galeocerdo Cuvier Hepar
60. GRIMMER A. H., The Collected Works
61. GRINNEY T., A Proving of Thiosinamine
62. GUERNSEY H. N., Keynotes of the Materia Medica
63. GUANAVANTE S. M., The "Genius" of Homoeopathic Remedies
64. HAHNEMANN S., Chronic Diseases
65. HAHNEMANN S., Materia Medica Pura
66. HALE E. M., Special Therapeutics of the new remedies
67. HALE E. M., Special Symptomatology of the New
68. HALE E. M., The Characteristics of the New Remedies
69. HANSEL J., Ephedra
70. HANSEN O., A Text-Book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homeopathic Remedies
71. HAWKES W. J., Characteristic Indications of Prominent Remedies.
72. HEMPEL C. J., A New and Comprehensive System of Materia Medica Vol 1 and Vol 2
73. HERING C., Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica
74. HERRICK N., Animal Mind, Human Voices : Provings of Eight New Animal Remedies
75. HERSCU P., Stramonium With an Introduction to Analysis using Cycles and Segments
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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Latest News about Swine Flu

Mexico started with Swine flu has now spread around the world in 333 people and 13 countries being infected with Swine flu since the disease and the death of 10 people has been officially confirmed.
Swine infection with the Mexico's economy has taken its grip so that the slowdown of the country are reeling has become worse. World Health Organization (WHO) on behalf of the embroidery, according to official data in the U.S. Swine flu infection in 109 cases, 156 cases in Mexico, 34 in Canada, 3 in Germany, Israel-2, in New Zealand 3, Spain 13, Austria and Switzerland in the 1-1 and 8 in the UK Swine flu cases have appeared.
Who among the spokesman said Abrahim Thomas Swine flu of any emergency call about the meeting has not been any decision yet. The organization of the warning level is kept to 5. The Swine flu in Mexico the number of new cases before now is not growing as fast. Mexico's Health Minister Jose Angel Córdoba said the infection from the flu on Thursday 46 people were admitted to hospitals. This is an encouraging sign.
The samples were sent to the lab to the fact that confirm has 176 people dead in just 12 of the Swine are infected with the virus were H1N1. Swine flu in the countries affected by the new name is Niederland. Thus, the number of flu-infected countries has been 13. 17 In addition, the country that your test cases here doubtful Swine are. Swine in the U.S. and Canada to tackle the growing threat from anti-virus Scam medical goods such as soap, masks, gloves and has accelerated in the purchase. WHO, according to experts associated with the flu and flu Swine how dangerous or how can Fal or so is its potential.

Source- WHO