Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Psoriasis and It's Homeopathic Treatment

This fairly common skin disease consists of inflamed areas that are often covered by silvery scales. A chronic condition that flares up at intervals, psoriasis can cover a large area, including the face, and can be very disfiguring. It affects
about two percent of the population in Europe and North America, but is less common in other regions.
These are red, scaly (silvery white) patches which can appear anywhere on the skin. It is uncommon before age of 10 and common between 15-30 years
*This images from a 7 year old child, and she is surfers from psoriasis since 3 year.


There may be a genetic tendency. The basic problem with psoriasis is that new skin cells form more quickly than usual, causing accumulations of living cells. These create thickened patches of skin covered with dead, flaking cells. The condition varies in severity, and may be triggered by infection, particularly that caused by the streptococcal bacteria, or
by drugs such as chloroquine used in the treatment of rheumatic pain and malaria. Stress or injury may also trigger psoriasis.

Precipitating factors are:
Psychological emotional stress
Cold weather
Septic focus
Drugs like Steroids, Brufen, Lithium, Antimalarials and Beta-
adrenergic blockers.

• Unsightly patches of flaky skin that
can occur anywhere on the body, possibly with itching.
• Patches are slightly raised and deep pink, often overlain with silvery scales.
• Possible pitting of the nails.
• Possible inflammation of the joints.

Homeopathic Remedy for Psoriasis:
A full medical history is obtained and, if there is doubt about the diagnosis, skin scrapings are taken. In treating psoriasis, great emphasis is placed on an individual’s psychological makeup, particularly factors that might have triggered the condition, such as stress or emotional upset. Environmental factors and food preferences are also significant.

Some remedies in particular are associated with the treatment of psoriasis:
*Arsen. alb. is indicated for dry, rough, and scaly skin.
*Lycopodium is effective for dry skin and raw areas in the flexures.
*Sepia is prescribed for the thick crusts that form on the elbows.
*Staphysagria is used to treat skin conditions that are affected by irritability of the nervous system.

Note- Do not self medication.


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