Saturday, May 02, 2009

Latest News about Swine Flu

Mexico started with Swine flu has now spread around the world in 333 people and 13 countries being infected with Swine flu since the disease and the death of 10 people has been officially confirmed.
Swine infection with the Mexico's economy has taken its grip so that the slowdown of the country are reeling has become worse. World Health Organization (WHO) on behalf of the embroidery, according to official data in the U.S. Swine flu infection in 109 cases, 156 cases in Mexico, 34 in Canada, 3 in Germany, Israel-2, in New Zealand 3, Spain 13, Austria and Switzerland in the 1-1 and 8 in the UK Swine flu cases have appeared.
Who among the spokesman said Abrahim Thomas Swine flu of any emergency call about the meeting has not been any decision yet. The organization of the warning level is kept to 5. The Swine flu in Mexico the number of new cases before now is not growing as fast. Mexico's Health Minister Jose Angel Córdoba said the infection from the flu on Thursday 46 people were admitted to hospitals. This is an encouraging sign.
The samples were sent to the lab to the fact that confirm has 176 people dead in just 12 of the Swine are infected with the virus were H1N1. Swine flu in the countries affected by the new name is Niederland. Thus, the number of flu-infected countries has been 13. 17 In addition, the country that your test cases here doubtful Swine are. Swine in the U.S. and Canada to tackle the growing threat from anti-virus Scam medical goods such as soap, masks, gloves and has accelerated in the purchase. WHO, according to experts associated with the flu and flu Swine how dangerous or how can Fal or so is its potential.

Source- WHO

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