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50 Millesimal Scales Potency

It is a finer & latest scale of potency selection of Hahnemann which is prepared in the ratio of 1:50,000 and was mentioned clearly about its preparation, preservation and administration in 6th edition of Organon of Medicine written in the year 1842(life time of Hahnemann) and was published in the year 1921.

Nomenclature of this Scale

Dr. P.Schmidt named it as globule Method because of the fact that drug Strength of medicine prepared under this method is 50,000 times less than that contained with medicine prepared according to drop methods.

Most Important points of 50 millesimal potencies

Here are some of important points noted by all physicians.
1. Milder in action
2. Both acute as well as chronic diseases including emergency condition, even the long acting medicines & nosodes can be repeated without any fair of aggregation.
3. This scale is safe as because want of violent & dangerous aggregation.
4. Both acute & mostly chronic cases cures in quickest possible time (time of cure reduces to ½,1/4th or even shorter apho246) .
Hahnemann in his foot-note132 mentioned:
“What I said in the 5th edition of Organon, in a long note to this paragraph in order to prevent this undesirable reaction of the vital energy was all that I then had justified. But during the last four or five years, however, all these difficulties are wholly solved by my new alter but perfected method. The same carefully selected medicine may now be given daily and for months, if necessary in this way, namely, after the lower degree of potency has been used for one or two weeks in the treatment of chronic diseases, advance is made in the same way to higher degrees. ”
So it is clear if the medicine is similimum the LM potency is far better in comparison to centesimal.
Therefore it is my humble request to all for realizing the beauty & truth of LM potency for the quickest accomplishment of cure.

Preparation of Medicines

As per 6th edition of Organon in apho270-271 & foot-note150-157 we get the preparation of LM potencies.


I) the medicine selected with utmost care should be perfectly homoeopathic.
II) It should be highly potentised.
III) It should be dissolved in water.
IV) Medicine must be given in proper small dose.
V) Repetition should be made at definite intervals for quickest accomplished of
One poppy seed like globule of the similimum should be taken either in 2-ounce or 4-ounce glass phial with new water and cap and then distilled water should be poured in it up to the neck of the phial. For preservation few drops of rectified spirit should be added to this medicinal solution
and 7 or 15 or 16 doses should be marked as per necessity.
After 10-12 downward successions to the phial against a hard elastic body, one dose should be poured in a glass of distilled water (containing 7-8 spoonfuls of water, footenote134). Then after through mixing by spoon, only one teaspoonful should be taken and the rest thrown away.
Normally in acute diseases it should be repeated every 2-6 hourly, and in case of chronic diseases once or twice or weekly once twice or thrice or fortnightly. In very urgent cases may be administered every 10-15 minutes interval as per the virulence, nature, depth, and critical condition of the patient.
* After completion of first potency the next or subsequent potency should be given. For example after 0/1,0/2 should be given and thus from lower to higher i.e. ascending series of potencies should be administered .Here unlike centesimal, after administration of a single dose we do not wait for the improvement to pas off. Instead, 50-millisimal scale can be repeated along with the improvement of the patient.
When there is aggravation or return of previous symptoms we should stop the medicines. The aggravation will soon be over within a short period of time. Now same remedy is to be given in more diluted form (at long intervals) i.e. from 2nd. Or 3rd.or 4th. Glass of water according to susceptibility of the patient. In this way we can easily overcome the medicinal aggravation, which is one of the most important advantages of LM potency over centesimal potency.


A) Direction to the physician: -
Take one brand new phial of 120ml. With new washer and cap. Pour distilled water as much as to divide in required doses of 16/8/7/4 or less and dissolve only 0ne medicated globule of no10 of exact selected similimum in desire potency .To this solution add 5/8/10 drops of rectified spirit or good alcohol for preservation. Close the cap tightly and dispense as per direction.

B) Direction to the patient:-
Before taking the medicine each time give 10-12 downward succession against your palm and put one dose ( marked by the physician) with 3/4th. Cup of water and after thorough mixing take only one teaspoonful from it or as directed by the physician.
If there is aggravation dilute the medicine further in 2nd. Or 3rd. Or if required in 4th. Glass of water and only one teaspoonful of it will be taken & rest will be thrown away.


1. as per foot note 155 of 6th. Edition of organon of Medicine” in acute fever” the small doses of lowest dynamisation degrees of these thus perfect medicinal preparations even of medicines of long continued action ( for instances, belladonna) may be repeated at short intervals.

**2. “In the treatment of chronic diseases also it is best to begin with lowest degrees of dynamisation and when necessary advance to higher, even more powerful but mildly acting degrees.”

*** 3. It is always safe to start any medicine from the lower degree i.e.from0/1 or 0/2 initially and ultimately go higher so long the improvement is going on.


Each and every dose should be succussed as clearly mentioned in footnote 133 (6th. Edition). When the best chosen homeopathic medicine- “…was dissolved in water and the first dose prove beneficial, a second or third and even smaller dose from the bottle standing undisturbed, even in intervals of few days, would prove no longer beneficial, even though the original preparation had been potentised with ten successions or I suggested later with but two successions in order to obviate this disadvantage and this according to above reasons. But thorough modification of every dose in its dynamisation degree as I herewith teach, there exist no offense, even if the doses be prepared more frequently, even if the medicine be ever so highly potentised with ever so many successions..”

The clinician and scientist Hahnemann found the potency up to 30th. The two succession method failed to deliver desired results. His 10 or more succession method showed too violent and dangerous medicinal aggravation. Particularly in oversensitive sick organisms Hahnemann faced many new problems. He carried on further research for 4 to 5 years to obtain desired medicinal power with rapid and long lasting penetration. On the other hand, the quantity of medicine was further reduced for avoiding further medicinal aggravation. Though difficult task indeed Hahnemann was successful in full extent and his followers, as a result, can achieve quickest accomplishment of healing art by using 50-millesimal potencies.
The centennial potencies as already stated have big gaps e.g. 6,12,30,200,1M,10M,50M,CM,DM,MM,etc.Therefore,after administration of medicines we have to wait for a long time till the aggravation is over.Moreover,as long as the improvement is on, our hands are off. But in case of 50-millesimal potency, as they ascend serially from lowest degree and there is no gap, one may say, there is no tension, no headache about the aggravation etc.One can proceed so long the improvement is on and stop the medicine at the end of the treatment when there is homeopathic aggravation. The symptom will go off from the patient and cure established. This scale of potency is considered to be the best because:-
1. In this scale, rapid action of the medicine takes place. It is gentle
because there is no medicinal aggravation. Finally, the permanent
restoration of health occurs.
2. Too frequent repetition of the medicines even those like nosodes and polychrests are possible.
3. We can avoid the medicinal aggravation by minimizing the quantity of
the medicine.
4. Qualitative power of the medicine is increased.
5. We can control the aggravation as per our need.
6. Long lasting chronic diseases can be cured within the shortest period of
7. So-called incurable diseases can be cured easily by 50-millesimal
8. Acute and virulent cases can also be controlled within a short period of
time by frequent repetition.
9. In incurable cases where palliation is the only way, this potency proves
highly efficacious.
10. It works beautifully in mental diseases,
11. The medicine is much cheap and one drachm of poppy-sized globules can serve 800-1000 people.
** The above facts prove the usefulness, uniqueness and superiority of
this scale.


In this scale demerits are very limited except that there are a few
harassment to the physician, e.g.:-
i) One needs new glass phial with new cap and washer.
ii) Distilled water is needed, which should be neutral i.e. neither acidic nor
iii) Rectified spirit is required for preservation etc.
** the patients too find inconvenient to carry the bottles than the powder forms. Sometimes modern patients are not willing to use the repeated and frequent doses. But, from my personal experience of over 25 years, I can state that the exclusive use of 50-millesimal potencies with marvelous results. Even the unwilling patients of modern age after witnessing repeated failures of other pathies realize that this is the best mode of application of medicine.

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