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Hardware and Software configuration for Homeopathic Software

Important information about Hardware & Software configuration for Homeopathic software. Some Homeopaths don't knows which Computer configuration are essential for his Homeopathic software, here some info about computer related written by me for the help of best selection of Homeopathic software.
Some important Homeopathic software and his configuration fallow below:

• Intel Pentium III or better
• 256 Mb RAM (1Gb or more is recommended )
• Windows Vista, XP, 98, Windows NT4, Windows Millennium Edition (not recommended), Windows 2000,
• USB port
• SVGA display monitor (800x600) or better
• DVD drive
• Sound card (required for multimedia)
• From 300Mb to 3Gb free space on the hard disk (depending on the Radar package that you have ordered. More space is required if you also purchased Encyclopaedia Homeopathica)

Minimum Recommended:

• Windows 98- Pentium II computer with 250 Mb RAM
• Windows XP- Pentium III processor 500 Mb RAM
• Windows Vista - Intel Dual Core processor 1 GB Ram
• Minimum Hard disk size 3Gb
• DVD drive required for installation

Macintosh Intel Macs can run Radar under Parallels Workstation (which I use for Radar now) or Bootcamp. All Intel Macs have plenty of disk space, Ram etc, and Radar flies on them!

There are local groups around the country to support users, regular users Radar seminars, as well as free technical help.

Please note Radar 10 is Vista Compatible & a DVD Drive is Required for installation!


Everything Pro Package -5.0 GB
Super Pro Package- 5.0 GB
Professional Package- 4.5 GB
Graduate Package (formally Student Package)- 4.5 GB
Classic Package- 4.0 GB

* slight variability in space required may occur due to how Mac & Win program files are broken out
* adding extra books will increase requirements

Windows Computer System and Hardware Requirements
• Models: 486 or better
• System: Windows XP & Vista ONLY
• Ports: USB ONLY
• RAM: 512 MB (minimum)
• Peripherals: DVD drive

Macintosh Computer System and Hardware Requirements

• Processor: 68040 or better
• System: 10.4.11 or higher. Unable to support OS 9.x
• RAM: 512mb (minimum)
• Ports: USB ONLY
• Peripherals: DVD drive

TIP: Although the actual programs require a Minimum 16 MB RAM per program, remember your OS also requires RAM (some require quite large amounts) and Hard Disk space, so get as much as possible.

Hompath Classic:


Intel P III or Higher
Operating System: Window 98, 2000, XP, Vista
500 MB for Hompath Classic 8.0 Single CD Version
CD Rom
256 MB ram
And all basic configuration.

ISIS Vision or CARA

Intel P III or Higher
Operating System: Window 98, 2000, XP, Vista
1 GB Hard Disk space
256 MB or higher ram
And all basic configuration.

I hope this information are helping you.

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