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Diabetes: Causes, Symptom, Treatment

A wasting disease, of which the prominent symptoms are thirst and dryness of mouth, with passage of large quantities of urine containing sugar.
It is a chronic disease, and may go on for years without affecting the general health to any great extent; but diabetics should be careful, as the disease is liable to take a dangerous turn.
The older a patient is before the disease sets in the less dangerous it is.

1. Diabetes Mellitus
2. Diabetes Insipidus

Small Description of Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus:

Diabetes mellitus:
Diabetes mellitus is a sugar disease-which is resulted from relative lack of the hormone "Insulin" in the body. In this disease there is high level of sugar in the blood due to less production of insulin. Because insulin reduces the level of sugar in the blood.

In simple cases of diabetes, there is excessive thirst frequent thirst, much appetite, general weakness, debility, skin diseases, and presence of sugar in urine - which can be tested under the normal urine test. In some cases, more ants are seen gathering around the urine spot on the ground - as ants are attracted by the sugar contents present in urine.

Diabetes Insipidus:
A disease (may be congenital or following injury or infection) of the posterior pituitary gland or its adnexa -(adjoining parts) .In other words diabetes insipidus is a disease that results from the deficiency of the pituitary hormone -"Vasopressin". In diabetes insipidus, the function of the pituitary gland is disturbed - (due to some infection or injury) and as such there is deficiency of pituitary hormone -Vasopressin. If it increases, then it diminishes the flow of urine and raises the blood pressure. And if it decreases then the flow of urine is increased and blood, pressure is lowered.

Diabetes insipidus causes dehydration excessive urination, thirst, weakness and debility but no sugar is present in the urine. Diabetes insipidus is sometimes inherited through females and appears in male. In such cases, the pituitary gland as said above, does not Produce enough antidiuretic hormone and there is polyuria or frequent excessive thirst -such persons are known as water drinkers during their trouble of diabetes insipidus.

Treatment of Diabetes:

Lac Defloratum
I have been making experiments with skimmed milk and I believe it to be a very valuable remedy largely in the treatment of Diabetes.

Lactic Acid
One of the principal remedies in Diabetes Mellitus. As a remedy in Diabetes, I have used it with great benefit.
There are pronounced Anaemia, nausea after eating, canker sores in the mouth, salivation and polyuria.

Phosphoric Acid
It is also one of the principal remedies and the symptoms which will lead it to it, are :
Frequent and profuse urination, requiring the patient to rise often at night. The urine is often milky in appearance. sometimes it deposits jelly-like masses.
It should be remembered in Diabetes Mellitus, when it has been preceded or is accompanied by disease of the pancreas.

Picric Acid
The urine has an abnormally high specific gravity and contains sugar; it is also albuminous.

Farrington's Therapeutic Pointers

General Treatment
Avoidance of chills by the use of warm woolen underclothing; restriction of diet to articles of food containing little starch or sugar. Glycerine is a good substitute for sugar.

Syzygium ix. (five drops in a wineglass of water three times a day.)

Ac. Phos. 1
When connected with nervous weakness and an apathetic condition.

Nat. m. 6
Great thirst, wasting, constipation.

Sulph. 6
When the constitutional symptoms of sulphur are present.

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Repertorial work:
I found various Homeopathic Medicine for Diabetes, after repertorisation but can not explain all of them so i am trying the whole medicine and there rubrics consist in image form.
Persion who have Homeopathic Software they found very easily these rubrics.

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