Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homeopathic Bio-chemic Medicine

Bio- Chemic Medicine
The body is made of Cells. Different kind of cells builds different tissue and organs. The difference in cells is mainly due to difference in cellular constitutions where inorganic salts play an important role. In 1873 W. H. Schussler identified 12 such salts and any change in quantitative relations disturbs normal cell function and causes disease. These are remedied by the appropriate bio- chemic or bio-combination.

1. Calcarea Flurocia:
Indication- Varicose vein, piles, cataract, gumboils, arteriosclerosis.

2. Calcarea Phosphorica:
Indication- Dentition, Growth, Supplement for children, Puberty, Pregnancy, Old age, Fractures.

3. Calcarea Sulphurica:
Indication- Cystic tumors, Fibroids, Hastens suppuration, Eczema.

4. Ferrum Phosphorica:
Indication- Anaemia, Feverish condition, catarrhal condition of Respiratory tract.

5. Kali Muriaticum:
Indication- Controls affections of middle ear, Throat, Glandular inflammation.

6. Kali Phosphorica:
Indication- Prostration, Weakness and Exhaustion, Mental and Physical weakness, Back Pain, Depression, Sleeplessness, Examination fear.

7. Kali Sulphuricum:
Indication- Catarrh with yellow discharge (Bronchitis, Pharyngitis, Chronic supp., Otitis Media), Itching of the Skin and Seasonal Rashes.

8. Megnesium Phosphorica:
Indication- Muscular pain, Cramps, Convulsion, Flatulant Colic.

9. Natraum Muriaticum:
Indication- Intermittent fever, Sun Stroke, Headache, Toothache, Stomach-ache, Diabetes.

10- Natrum Phosphoricum:
Indication- Sour Eructations and Vomiting, Heart burn, Indigestion with acidity, Nocturnal enuresis.

11. Natrum Sulphuricum:
Indication- Gastric Biliousness, Liver Diseases, Uric acid diathesis.

12. Silicea:
Indication- Growth disturbance of Hair, Nails, Disease of Bones, Caries Skin does not heal easily, weeing eczema, Pyorrhoea.


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  2. These elements have different functions in homeopathy.